Free Candy Racing - LeMons Team
5th Jan 09

The last few days have been very productive, things are moving right along. For being 10 months away I’d say we have a pretty good start on the planning and ideas.


First, we came across a good find, and it fulfills our criteria for a car. We found an ad for a MR2 in northern Missouri, and the guy wants $400 for everything. The car is in somewhat rough condition, but what do you expect for $400? The engine and transmission are both in good condition. Plus there is an added bonus. He has a load of extra parts, including: engine, transmission, side panels, tires, and more. He wants to get rid of it all, so he is including all these parts.  Considering we already have $100 for upgrades, getting another $100-$200 from the other parts is feasible. More details and pictures can be found in our forums:


Also it looks like we may make two teams. Everyone felt it was in our best choice, with all the people we had that were interested. Team A plans on using a MR2, Team B is driving a 240SX or possibly a RX7. Currently the teams look like this:


Team A

    * Chip Thurston
    * Aaron Breitbach
    * Jeremy Boysen
    * Mike Fossum


Team B

    * Alan High
    * Chad Germaine
    * Billy Lannom
    * Jason Manley


That is all the news for now. This weekend we plan on picking up the MR2. We’ll have more pictures and know more about the condition of the car.



4th Jan 09

So… We finally got things up and running on the webfront.  Soon enough we’ll have this blog, to document our progress in building our first attempt at a “24 hours of LeMon’s”  an Automotive race of a slightly odd sort.  First of all, the first restriction is that you have to build the car for $500 or less (not including safety equipment and tires/wheels/brakes).  Also, rather than a standard short race, this is a 24 hour endurance race, so you can’t just drive balls out the entire time, or you’re likely to blow up your car.  LeMon’s races are more about having fun than they are competition, which is good, because none of us are very good at much other than screwing around.


As of this posting, and I have a feeling over the course of the next 10 months, this will change substantially, our team consists of:


  • Alan “Streetlight” High
  • Chip “NDGeist” Thurston
  • Mike “Mikey” Fossum
  • Chad “Needs a Nickname” Germaine


As well, as of this posting we’ve been searching for a car for going on 3 days now, and we have lots of options available.  Based on past results, we feel that the optimal car would be a toyota MR2, as they can be had in our price range, and they are a good platform to start with, being that they are reliable, rear wheel drive, and they are designed to be a sportscar, unlike most of the other domestic cars in our price range (ford escort/festiva anyone?).  Another option we’re looking at is the Mazda RX7, with nearly even weight distribution, rear wheel drive, and being designed as a sportscar, this is another great option.  Because this is an endurance race, the lighter the car, the better for tires, as we’re limited to 200 treadwear tires, and most 200 treadwear tires tend to grease up after a while if the car’s too heavy (my WRX is living proof).


Additionally, we should have a forum up and running soon.  It will be available in the links on the right of this page, under the incredibly original title “forums”.  You should also be able to get to them at