Free Candy Racing - LeMons Team
18th Aug 09

Well, here goes nothing. 


We’re going to take this beast back out to see what the next thing to break will be.  The clutch disk has been repaired, new brake lines and fluid has been installed, our tach works again, and as of this writing, John is attempting to install a seat.  John has a bunch of tubing for use as a cage, and we have someone on the line for building it.  Should happen here in the next couple weeks.


Anyway, we’re headed to MAM friday to give it a rundown, i’m putting my bets that it will be 1-2 seconds faster per lap than Jeremy’s Evo.. :)

9th Aug 09

Well that didn’t take long, but the clutch is shot.  Or maybe it did take a long time, seeing as the car has almost two hundred thousand miles.  Better now than later.  We’ll get that baby fixed in no time and have it ready to blow something else up at MAM.  Just don’t let me at the differential.

7th Aug 09

We have paid our fee’s for the race $1525 was the pain suffered, but we are good to go.

Estimates for the cage are out there and waiting to hear back. Lets get some discussion on tires rolling, and continue the hunt for a class C or class A motor-home to rent. Bus’s work as well.

28th Jul 09

We have been accepted for the race in October at Nelson Ledges!

22nd Jul 09

On Saturday last week, Jamie and I worked on getting some general maintenance items caught up on. We checked the timing belt which looks to be in decent shape for now, changed the valve cover gasket, change the plugs, cap, rotor, wires, removed the AC, new air filter, and looked into the issue with the clutch. Looks like we need a new cable as any adjustment we make to the clutch cable is voided back out after you use it a couple times. The car may also need a clutch before we head off to LeMons. She does seem to run a bit better after the maintenance stuff.

Stuff we still need to look at:
Tach does not work – might be nice to have. Worst case wire up some crappy autozone tach.
Speedo seems to be off ( who cares IMO )
Brake pads – HP + or HT10’s?
Tires – how many and wheels
Install the 2 free shocks that came with the car for the rear

21st Jul 09

I’ve also been searching for Nelson Ledges video clips, there’s a lot out there.  This one is as recent as I’ve found, and it illustrates a couple things…  First, that we’re glad we don’t have a tight suspension, this course is full of potholes and patches and other awesome shit to drive around/over/into.  Second, it shows you how much fun it can be to spin off i guess.

I can’t wait, it’s 12 weeks away and I’m excited as hell.


9th Jul 09

Who doesn’t like to do a little homework? I did a little searching on youtube and found some footage of people going around the track. It wouldn’t hurt to familiarize ourselves with the track.


  • Nelson Ledges in IROC — Looks like one of a dude in another dude’s redneck car going around the track. A little shaky but you can see the corners pretty well.


The good news is if we need any tires it looks like there are plenty on the side of the track. Score.



8th Jul 09

Honda civic’s are light.  Really light.  But not light enough.


In an effort to make our little honda lightweight, we took it from it’s stock (and dirty) state, removed most of the “extra” items that aren’t needed (interior, seats, HVAC controls, door panels, etc.  and made it from an unattractive old civic into an unsellable unattractive old civic.  During the teardown, we found that there’s a handy rust hole in the right side that’s handy for passing tools through.  It also functions as a drainhole for the rain that comes in.


We left the glass, heater core, and compressor, as that will come off when Jeremy and Jamie do their magic under the hood.




The good news about doing all this, is that with the removal of all the extra crap, we were able to load the parts back into the car and take them to a dumpster @ work.  We kept various parts we thought/think we can get some cash for, but there were a few pieces that were either A) too dirty (carpet) or B) destroyed in the process (headliner) or C) not worth it (cracked internal panels).


I’d estimate this car weighs in around 2,000# now, I think we guestimated that we pulled ~250# out of it, and we still need to get the moonroof out and replace it with a piece of sheet metal.  Don’t want that glass breaking on us and raining in sharp bits.




PS.  During the removal of all of the bits pictured above, we found  $1.58 in change.  Put it in the budget!


PPS.  Forgot the gallery link:

6th Jul 09

We now have our list of team members, as previously noted. Everyone with their 500 dollar deposits paid up.


Chip and Mikey were kind enough to do some dominating of the car in their area of the woods and brought it down to an Autox event in Oskaloosa, IA. From there Pat, Yo, and Jeremy took it to Des Moines for some mechanical help. Yo drove it 40 minutes and got exhausted because he is a big girl so Pat and I (Jeremy) played rock paper scissors to see who drove it the next 30 mins. Loser was Pat and he got stuck behind the wheel.

Pat and the Lemon


Car needs a timing belt just to be safe, some looking over on the clutch, and some general maintenance issues. We should have it out to Jamie’s sometime this week and get started on those items. We’ll then take it to an Autox or two to get an idea of handling. From there it is off to the cage builder and then to MAM for testing. It’s a Honda but then again anything can break. We’ll get the car painted up and on our theme after we get her ironed out mechanically. Cannot wait!

29th Jun 09

After a complete meltdown previously, coupled with the finance-apocalypse of the universe.  We are still around.


We finally registered a domain and we’re getting started on our quest for victory finishing at “The Lamest Day24h of LeMon’s event in October.  But this isn’t the only thing we’ve done.


We’ve also purchased a car, here it is:

Mikey conquers the Civic

The “Team” if you will has changed a bit, as some found out the hard way that even cheap racing is expensive.


Our new crew includes:

  • John Jacobs
  • Jeremy Boysen
  • Jamie Britton
  • Patrick Thull
  • Mike Fossum
  • Chip Thurston
  • *** Special guest mascot Yo Keutla ***


We accomplished this mamoth task of recruitment by saying “$500 nonrefundable upfront buyin”… this weeded out people who were thinking they wanted to do it, but would eventually likely flake out.