Free Candy Racing - LeMons Team
22nd Jul 09

On Saturday last week, Jamie and I worked on getting some general maintenance items caught up on. We checked the timing belt which looks to be in decent shape for now, changed the valve cover gasket, change the plugs, cap, rotor, wires, removed the AC, new air filter, and looked into the issue with the clutch. Looks like we need a new cable as any adjustment we make to the clutch cable is voided back out after you use it a couple times. The car may also need a clutch before we head off to LeMons. She does seem to run a bit better after the maintenance stuff.

Stuff we still need to look at:
Tach does not work – might be nice to have. Worst case wire up some crappy autozone tach.
Speedo seems to be off ( who cares IMO )
Brake pads – HP + or HT10’s?
Tires – how many and wheels
Install the 2 free shocks that came with the car for the rear

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