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8th Jul 09

Honda civic’s are light.  Really light.  But not light enough.


In an effort to make our little honda lightweight, we took it from it’s stock (and dirty) state, removed most of the “extra” items that aren’t needed (interior, seats, HVAC controls, door panels, etc.  and made it from an unattractive old civic into an unsellable unattractive old civic.  During the teardown, we found that there’s a handy rust hole in the right side that’s handy for passing tools through.  It also functions as a drainhole for the rain that comes in.


We left the glass, heater core, and compressor, as that will come off when Jeremy and Jamie do their magic under the hood.




The good news about doing all this, is that with the removal of all the extra crap, we were able to load the parts back into the car and take them to a dumpster @ work.  We kept various parts we thought/think we can get some cash for, but there were a few pieces that were either A) too dirty (carpet) or B) destroyed in the process (headliner) or C) not worth it (cracked internal panels).


I’d estimate this car weighs in around 2,000# now, I think we guestimated that we pulled ~250# out of it, and we still need to get the moonroof out and replace it with a piece of sheet metal.  Don’t want that glass breaking on us and raining in sharp bits.




PS.  During the removal of all of the bits pictured above, we found  $1.58 in change.  Put it in the budget!


PPS.  Forgot the gallery link:

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