Free Candy Racing - LeMons Team
6th Jul 09

We now have our list of team members, as previously noted. Everyone with their 500 dollar deposits paid up.


Chip and Mikey were kind enough to do some dominating of the car in their area of the woods and brought it down to an Autox event in Oskaloosa, IA. From there Pat, Yo, and Jeremy took it to Des Moines for some mechanical help. Yo drove it 40 minutes and got exhausted because he is a big girl so Pat and I (Jeremy) played rock paper scissors to see who drove it the next 30 mins. Loser was Pat and he got stuck behind the wheel.

Pat and the Lemon


Car needs a timing belt just to be safe, some looking over on the clutch, and some general maintenance issues. We should have it out to Jamie’s sometime this week and get started on those items. We’ll then take it to an Autox or two to get an idea of handling. From there it is off to the cage builder and then to MAM for testing. It’s a Honda but then again anything can break. We’ll get the car painted up and on our theme after we get her ironed out mechanically. Cannot wait!

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