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23rd Aug 09

Well, it survived.  Not only did it survive, it didn’t really have any major issues that I know of the entire day.  I believe all 6 of us were able to flog it and it didn’t seem to have any issues.  Surprisingly, the brakes held up without issue, the engine didn’t kersplode, and it broke down at least 2 times less than Jeremy’s car.. :)


Here’s the Days Events as I saw them.

1.  Arrived, got car rolling on track for first laps.



2.  5 minutes later, realization that the tires are rubbing quite bad, the rusty side digs into the tire more than the “less rusty” side… must be fixed.



3.  Jamie gets a board and starts to pry.



4.  Not having a whole lot of luck, Pat found a sack of hammers, this is a small ass hammer, and would likely be useless for what we’re trying to do.  We need a 3# hammer or something.  (Note: take big hammer and/or sawzall to Nelson)



5.  hammering the rust off, squishing metal, bashing stuff.



6. Back out there for more testing



7.  5 Minutes later, (Little known fact, Jeremy is afraid of the noise a Honda makes when it’s being “tweaked”)



8.  This seemed like a great idea.  See, what was happening here is 2 of them jumped on the car, while another innocent bystander held a 2×4 chunk.  The idea was that when the car came down, it would use the 2×4 to push up on the metal.  I’m ashamed to say this actually worked pretty well.



As a result, the sunroof likely doesn’t open, as the roof has dented in a fair amount where Mikey was jumping on it.  But it doesn’t matter, we got the tires to stop rubbing (mostly anyway)

The car ran like a champ, pretty much as soon as one person brought it back to the paddock, another would hop in and take it right back out. 

Lastly, I got this picture stitched together of all of MAM.  Click this link to get the full size image.


DSC_5865 Stitch


All of these images available at:



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