Free Candy Racing - LeMons Team
29th Jun 09

After a complete meltdown previously, coupled with the finance-apocalypse of the universe.  We are still around.


We finally registered a domain and we’re getting started on our quest for victory finishing at “The Lamest Day24h of LeMon’s event in October.  But this isn’t the only thing we’ve done.


We’ve also purchased a car, here it is:

Mikey conquers the Civic

The “Team” if you will has changed a bit, as some found out the hard way that even cheap racing is expensive.


Our new crew includes:

  • John Jacobs
  • Jeremy Boysen
  • Jamie Britton
  • Patrick Thull
  • Mike Fossum
  • Chip Thurston
  • *** Special guest mascot Yo Keutla ***


We accomplished this mamoth task of recruitment by saying “$500 nonrefundable upfront buyin”… this weeded out people who were thinking they wanted to do it, but would eventually likely flake out.

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